Finding Your Higher Self


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

— Matt. 5:14-16


    There is a way, tried and true, that saints, adepts and avatars have walked. The way is universal, timeless and will reunite you to your higher self, to the most sublime consciousness of God realization that can shine through you. This is a path of individuated Christhood and Buddhahood that Jesus, Maitreya, Gautama and many others, even in civilizations long forgotten, helped forge. As you follow in their footsteps, you will become one with Christ, the universal Christos, which in Greek means "anointed." You will discover, cultivate and expand the divine spark in your heart. You will gradually become awake, enlightened and demonstrate the divine mission of every son and daughter of God.



Spiritual Pioneers

    In the last century, many spiritual pioneers have come forth to teach the path of personal Christhood and Buddhahood including Nicholas and Helena Roerich with Agni Yoga; H.P. Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant with the Theosophical Society; the Rosicrucian Fellowship, Yogananda and the Self Realization Fellowship, Corinne Heline, Guy and Edna Ballard with the I AM Movement; and Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Their books and teachings pave the way to help people recognize and champion their divine identity. Much of the information on this website was inspired by them, as well as by personal experience and by mystics from all of the world's major spiritual traditions.



A Mystical Path

    In God there is no division. The duality of the earth plane yields to the great oneness encountered by those who have had near-death experiences. When your eyes and heart are set on this truth, you will partake in the water of life promised by Jesus and others who inspired many of the world's religions. In this spirit, we invite you to visit these pages:

Mysticism — Precepts of mysticism, spirituality of oneness

I AM God — A map of your divinity, Christic and Buddhic potential

Jesus Christ — Historical evidence that Jesus was a student of the Buddha, who demonstrated Christhood for all

The Promise — Your personal call to Christhood

Ascension — Permanent reunion with God free from the wheel of rebirth


The Voice in the Heart

     As Self-awareness expands, the concept of God as an outer deity to be worshiped or appeased releases its grip. Arising in its stead is new freedom, an intimate relationship with a still, small voice. Like Thomas Kempis who wrote The Imitation of Christ more than 500 years ago and Francis Bacon who discovered the unfailing guidance of his heart, so will you learn to engage the most profound inner dialogue between your outer consciousness and your own Christ mind that ultimately leads to Buddhic consciousness.


Meditations on the Sponsoring Master

     Enjoy these beautiful audio meditations in the flame of Jesus, that will help you connect to your sponsoring master.

Listen here.



Passing Your Tests

    The path leading to Christhood and Buddhahood is a path of initiation and testing, especially in a world that does not reward this calling. At times, you will feel buoyant, uplifted and accelerated in the joyous experience and bliss of divine union. At others, you will feel empty, alone and unworthy as you navigate the shadows where the sunrays of your own God presence have been eclipsed. This is known as the dark night of the soul and the dark night of the spirit. All saints have passed through this, as did Jesus on the cross and Lord Buddha during his ministry.



Fulfilling your Mission

    The key to this mystical journey is to find your inner light, to expand it through love and to brighten life around you.

      Love God with all our heart, soul and mind, keep on keeping on through the ups and downs of life and honor your neighbor with good works. In so doing, you will balance karma and fulfill your specific mission, the divine plan or dharma that can only succeed through you. Your reward lies beyond nirvana, unto your ascension—the permanent reunion with God that Jesus, Elijah, Enoch and many other Great Lights East and West so beautifully demonstrated.

Look not for a refuge in anyone besides yourselves.
And those, Ananda, who either now or after I am dead,
Shall be a lamp unto themselves,
Shall betake themselves as no external refuge,
But holding fast to the truth as their lamp,
Holding fast to the truth as their refuge,
Shall not look for refuge to anyone else besides themselves,
It is they who shall reach to the very topmost height .
—Sayings of the Buddha




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